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How to Avoid Property Tax - 2011 Edition

This highly acclaimed guide is widely regarded as the definitive property tax bible by landlords, property developers and the media. How to Avoid Property Tax -- now in it's 13th edition -- is packed to the gunnels with invaluable tax planning advice, practical strategies and general tax saving tips which cannot be found in any other publication.

This is a new edition (2011) and includes all the changes from the 2010 Budget.

Learn how you could be paying far less income and capital gains tax on all your property assets and investments.

This 2011 edition is already proving to be a bestseller, and is full of up-to-date unique tax saving ideas. It is highly recommended for:

  • Buy-to-let investors and landlords.
  • Anyone renovating or developing property.
  • Anyone looking for plain-English tax advice.
  • Property investors wanting to pay much less capital gains tax.
  • Anyone wanting to claim lots of income tax relief and deductions.
  • Experienced and novice investors.
  • Accountants, solicitors and IFAs.
  • Those actively climbing the property ladder.
  • Those with second homes or big portfolios of buy to let property.
  • Anyone wanting tried and tested ways of legally paying less tax.
  • Anyone using their home for business purposes.
  • Anyone selling an inherited property.

What Information is Contained in the Guide

How to Avoid Property Tax is completely updated for the current tax year, written in plain English so its accessible to both the novice and the professional, and is supported with a large number of clear, concise examples throughout.

The guide explains:

  • All relevant tax changes from the 2011 Budget.
  • How the new Capital Gains Tax rules will affect YOU!
  • Who should sell property now and who should wait.
  • How to benefit from tax reliefs which are due to be abolished without giving up your property.
  • How to benefit from the new Capital Gains Tax regime even if you want to sell your property now.
  • How you can rent out property and pay absolutely no capital gains tax.
  • Ways to avoid capital gains tax even if a property is not your main residence.
  • How to enjoy 17 years of tax-free capital growth.
  • How you CAN escape capital gains tax by selling one property and buying another.
  • How to make the most of your Principle Private Residence Exemption.
  • How couples can save an extra £8,500 in income tax every year.
  • How to claim motoring, home office, travel, research and hundreds of other expenses.
  • The five major tax benefits of investing in furnished holiday lettings.
  • How anyone renovating or developing property can save thousands in tax.
  • How your children can help you slash your tax bill.
  • Safe ways to emigrate and escape capital gains tax.
  • The tax benefits and drawbacks of partnerships and limited liability partnerships.
  • The enormous tax benefits enjoyed by commercial property investors.
  • How re-mortgaging property can save you thousands in tax... plus the traps to avoid.
  • How to receive an extra £4,250 pa in tax-free rental income.
  • Stamp Duty planning.
  • Inheritance tax planning.
  • How to save hundreds or even thousands of pounds in professional adviser fees.
  • How to maximise tax relief for your interest payments.
  • How to use your spouse to save £1000s in capital gains tax.
  • Why you should 'let to buy' instead of 'buy to let'.
  • How to get tax relief on interest when you buy a new home.
  • How to prepare for the new Planning Gain Supplement.
  • The strange quirks of selling inherited property.
  • How to avoid Capital Gains Tax on second homes.
  • How to get value out of rental losses.
  • How to use lease premiums to generate tax-free income.
  • How to make tax-free property transfers.
  • How to get Principal Private Residence relief on business property.
  • How to get 40% of your renovation costs paid by the Government.
  • Year end tax planning for property businesses.
  • How to use VAT to help increase your rent.
  • VAT planning for commercial property, conversions and listed buildings.
  • How to avoid paying National Insurance with rental income.
  • and much more...

To see the full contents of this book Click here

About the Author

The Author of How to Avoid Property Tax is Carl Bayley. Carl's speciality is his ability to take the complex world of taxation and set it out in the kind of clear language that taxpayers can understand. Carl is also a regular contributor to TV programmes such as the BBC's It's Your Money programme and national newspaper articles on tax matters. He is a former member of the governing Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Property Tax Author

What will I receive?

  • How to Avoid Property Tax- Professionally printed 294 page tax saving book with full colour cover, dispatched immediately by Royal Mail First Class.
  • A FREE optional PDF copy of your book sent immediately to your email address. This means you can start making huge tax savings just seconds after the transaction is complete!
  • A FREE copy of our comprehensive guide How to Save Tax 2009/10 - packed with useful tax tips and information for the current year - delivered immediately to your email inbox
  • Fixed Price Postage - Our postage and packaging charge is just £1.95 no matter how many items you order
  • We use Worldpay's renowned secure payment server to process payments. Worldpay is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

What does the book cost?

Postage only £1.95

The printed book costs £24.95.

Postage and Packaging is only £1.95 no matter how many items you order.

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