Obtain the latest information on tax planning for property, buy to lets, working overseas, non-resident and offshore tax and much more - see site for more info now!Obtain the latest information on tax planning for property, buy to lets, working overseas, non-resident and offshore tax and much more - see site for more info now!
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Tax rates and allowances (2008/2009-2010/2011)

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Tax rates & allowances 2008/2009 - 2010/2011
2008/2009 2009/2010 2010/2011
£ £ £
Income tax
Personal allowance 6,035 6,475 6,475
Savings rate - 10% 2,320 2,440 2,440
Basic rate - 20% 34,800 37,400 37,400
Higher rate - 40% 34,800 37,400 37,400
Additional rate - 50% - - 150,000
Capital Gains Tax
Annual exemption:
Individuals 9,600 10,100 10,100
Trusts 4,800 5,050 5,050
Inheritance Tax
Nil Rate Band Threshold 312,000 325,000 325,000
Pensioners, etc.
Age allowance: 65 --74 9,030 9,490 9,490
Age allowance: 75 & over 9,180 9,640 9,640
MCA: born before 6/4/35 6,535 - -
MCA: 75 & over 6,625 6,965 6,965
MCA minimum 2,540 2,670 2,670
Income limit 21,800 22,900 22,900
Blind Person's Allowance 1,800 1,890 1,890

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